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Al Andalus Routes

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Discover with us all the hidden treasures of Al Andalus.

taifa of seville 768x508 - Al andalus routes discover our legacy

The Taifa of Seville

3 Tours

The Taifa of Seville the Muslim kingdom of AL Andalus. A walking tour to discover the masterpieces of Islamic monuments and sites.

cordoba 768x432 - Al andalus routes discover our legacy

The Umayyad Caliphate

3 Tours

Cordoba Historical City Local Tours. Discover the historic remains of an ancient Moorish city in Córdoba, a recognized World Heritage Site.

the 10 Mind blowing monuments that have to be on your bucket list. 768x432 - Al andalus routes discover our legacy

The Nasrid dynasty

3 Tours

The Nasrid dynasty of Granada a city in rich history and spectacular architecture. Explore the Moorish traditions and their lifestyle.

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Discover the masterpieces of Islamic architecture and sites in Seville.

Seville City Local Tours

This magnificent experience, guided by a local historian, to visit the essential.

Cordoba City Local Tours

Discover the best preserved UNESCO World Heritage Moorish City in the world.

Granada City Local Tours

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