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4 Of The Best Travel Beauty Products On Amazon

4 Of The Best Travel Beauty Products On Amazon

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4 Of The Best Travel Beauty Products On Amazon

Lotions, shampoos, conditioners, hair dryers AND MORE that you can easily stash in your carry-on.

Before suffering through your next red-eye or long-haul flight, consider packing something that can make the experience better: a comfort travel kit. With multiple travel essentials in each kit, it’s like opening a gift to yourself midflight. This comprehensive travel beauty products guide offers the essentials kit that will come in handy for just about every travel challenge.

1. A complete essentials kit  with hydrating shampoo and conditioner, as well as a facial scrub and day cream. Say “GOODBYE” to the days of those drying, hotel-specific mini shampoo bottles.

essentials kit

This are the essentials travel kits that will make your next flight more bearable.

2. Dry shampoo because showering in a shared hostel bathroom is not ideal. SO WHY SHOWER AT ALL? Use this to absorb your hair grease instead.

dry shampoo

If you DID want to skip a shower or two while on vacation….this dry shampoo would be super helpful. This absorbs grease right up and leaves your hair feeling (and smelling) clean and freshly-washed.

3. Cruelty-free night cream formulated with iris extract and cocoa butter to give you hydrated, soft skin. Why not give baby butts a run for their money?

night cream

4. Foldable hair dryer that packs something itself: a lot of POWER. This tool may be small, but it is damn mighty.

hair dryer

The key to gorgeous, salon-level hair every day is a great hair dryer for easy blowouts at home.

Additional travel beauty products

  • Shampoo and conditioner: pick up a bar shampoo from somewhere like Lush. They work really well, last much longer than mini bottles and come in a variety of scents. Still not sold on how long they last? I backpacked Europe for 3 months, showering daily, and didn’t even finish my bar of Lush dry shampoo. Conditioner bars are a little trickier, so if you have unruly hair, it might be worth it to bring a mini bottle of it. To save space, cut your bar shampoo, conditioner, and soap in half to put in the same soap container.
  • Body wash: Once again, opt for a non-liquid version to prevent explosions. Chances are, you wont go through an entire one on your Contiki trip (even if you’re doing 3 in a row), so karate chop it in half and save space in your bag.
  • Face wash: We understand needing your products. Just be sure to head to your favorite store (yes, we’re talking about Target) and get some mini bottles to put the necessities in.
  • Toothbrush: Leave the Sonicare at home. Opt for a mini travel toothbrush.
  • Toothpaste: Travel size toothpaste is the best. If you’re feeling crafty and worried about toothpaste exploding, try your hand at making these handy toothpaste dots.
  • Floss: Get a small container. Don’t forget this.
  • Razor: If you’re traveling in winter and don’t plan on having anyone touch your legs, you can probably do without. If not, maybe wait to buy one until you’re there and need one, just to save some extra space. You can also use the razor without the handle, to save more space.
  • Q-tips & cotton balls: if you need these, be sure to put them in a plastic baggy, to keep them so fresh and so clean!
  • Sunscreen: Try out a bar version of sunscreen (it comes in a container like deodorant) to save a possible mess and for super easy application.
  • Hairbrush: Buy a mini hair brush, no need to bring your full-size one with you.

Extras & things you might not think of:

  • Medication: Any medication you must take or have to take under certain settings. Are you notorious for getting heartburn? Bring a vacation supply of whatever you take. Additionally, if you’re prone to headaches (or hangovers) bring a travel supply of Advil.
  • Make-up: Only bring the necessities. Work with what you’ve got! Instead of bringing liquid eyeliner or additional pieces, use mascara and a small angled brush for eyeliner for a night out.
  • Hair ties: Don’t forget these! Throw a few in your bag.
  • Bug Bite Cream: If you’re going to an area known for having bugs (think Latin America), it’s a good idea and totally worth the space to bring some hydrocortisone or anti-itch cream.
  • Feminine Products: If you think that dreaded Aunt Flo will be visiting while you’re traveling, bring a few with you! There’s nothing more terrifying than walking into a mart where no one speaks English and trying to explain what you need through hand motions… trust me.
  • Ear plugs: You never know when you’re going to find a sound that you simply can’t deal with (especially if it’s a roommate’s snoring).

What are you favourite travel items? Surely you have some things in your bags that you wouldn’t travel without. Share with us in the comments below and if we really like it, we’ll add it to this post!


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4 Of The Best Travel Beauty Products On Amazon
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4 Of The Best Travel Beauty Products On Amazon
4 Of The Best Travel Beauty Products On Amazon-like Lotions, shampoos and much more that you can easily stash in your carry-on.
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