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Holidays in Colmenar, Andalucia, Spain

Holidays in Colmenar, Andalucia, Spain



Colmenar is known as the capital of the mountains of Malaga. This village stands like a throne in its rocky landscape. It is relatively unscathed by the commercial tourism of the coast. Mules are still used as a mode of transport and olive, almond and grapes are harvested here. Colmenar got its name from a farmer who housed bees for their honey. The coat of arms that Colmenar has adopted is a beehive with seven bees flying over it.

This historically dated town marks its coming presence with a stone steeple called the Puerta de La Cruz. The entrance from the direction of Malaga is adorned with pine woods and rolling countryside. The nearby Buitreras Canyon towering at 100m high winds down to an emerald green lagoon fed from an underwater natural spring. This area is well populated by pot-holers and hikers. Great birds of prey soar high above surveying the pleasant array of geographical significance.

Besides pot-holers and hiking, biking is popular too. There are some great routes to travel on such as the one from El Comenar to the cave of “Los Motillos” (a cave dating to the Paleolithic times). You could also visit the Roman sulphur baths and the remains of the Roman villa of Saeponia.

There are some very good restaurants in Colmenar and if you want a taste of Andalucia you are sure to get it here. Due to it being not as much traversed by multinational tourism Spanish food is mainly on the menu though other international food is available too. Venison, wild boar cooked to succulent perfection. There is also an excellent vegetarian restaurant that serves non-meat dishes and ecological fare.

The closest airports to Colmenar are Malaga (29km) and Granada (58km). Transfers from both of these airports are excellent. Shuttle services and taxis will get you there. However, due to Colmenar being in a rural location, car hire is strongly recommended. It will also enable you to get to the beaches and other locations, which provide sport such as golf.


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