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Sacromonte’s flamenco shows

Sacromonte’s flamenco shows


Sacromonte’s flamenco shows

Flamecos deep cultural roots in our city that it goes back to the Century XVI.

The flamenco shows consists of several different palos (flamenco styles), from soleá to alegría. Watch as two dancers are accompanied by a passionate flamenco singer and a guitar player. Moor is not the same as Moslem. Moor comes from the Latin Mauroi, meaning an inhabitant of North Africa. The Carthaginians, for instance, came from North Africa. Moorish influence in the peninsula goes back thousands of years, but it was the Islamic invasion, by largely Berber armies in 711, that determined the main musical influences from North Africa. They called the Iberian Peninsula Al-Andalus, from which the name of Andalusia derives. The Moorish and Arab conquerors brought their musical forms to the Peninsula, and at the same time, probably gathered some native influence in their music. The Emirate, and later Caliphate of Córdoba became a centre of influence in both the Muslim and Christian worlds and it attracted musicians from all Islamic countries. One of those musicians was Zyriab, who imported forms of Persian music, revolutionized the shape and playing techniques of the Lute (which centuries later evolved into the vihuela and the guitar), adding a fifth string to it, and set the foundations for the Andalusian Nuba, the style of music in suite form still performed in North African countries.

If you are interested to see a flamenco show, it is a must to visit one of the Sacromonte’s zambras, see a flamenco show in the Albaicin, or enjoy a meal and a real live flamenco show in one of the flamenco restaurants in Granada. Settle into an atmospheric ‘tablao’ dance hall and experience the multisensory passion of flamenco as two dancers perform various styles, accompanied by the soulful melodies of a guitarist and singer.

Additional information

The flamenco shows operates daily from 8:00 pm, to 10:30 pm
The price for the flamenco shows they vary:
Without dinner: 20 €. Children (8-14) 12.5 €. Children(0-7) Free.
With Dinner: 60 €
Drinks are usually included.
Transport: By bus number C2 Plaza Nueva – Sacromonte.
Duration: 2.30 horas approximately. Caption 21:30 h and return: 24:00 h



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