Hammam Arab bath in Granada

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Hammam Arab bath in Granada

Come to recover a millenary tradition of the Hammam Arab bath at the foot of the Alhambra adn located in Granada, Spain. This is a new concept focused on the general care of the body and mind. Inside enjoy seven different pools with varying temperatures. First try a warm pool then alternate with the cold water bath in the centre of the room. This is challenging at first but becomes gradually easier and is great for the skin and circulation.

If you decide to opt for the massage, during the pool time you will be called at some point. They will ask you to select an aromatherapy oil usually the choice is between rose, pomegranate, amber or jasmine, all typical essences in Granada historically. These plants are mostly grown locally and are typical of the Nazaries. You can even choose the full Kessa treatment similar to an authentic Moroccan Hammam, including the exfoliating treatment and Kessa soap. This is a luxurious experience although you have less time in the baths, so have to choose.

The Hammam is a steam bath and is made up of different baths each at different temperatures in several rooms and is a very traditional way of bathing and the message.
Helps to reduce stress, allow deep relaxation, firming the skin, provides essential minerals and vitamins, activate the blood circulation and offer many other benefits.


  • Bath with millenary tradition inherited from Al-Andalus.
  • Immerse yourself in the history of Granada.
  • Book online and avoid the entry queue.
  • Relax by savouring a mixture of green tea and mint.

It includes:

  • Arabic bathroom
  • Tea of courtesy.
  • Ticket office and towel service.


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